Budapest Baroque Strings Directed By István Kertész (2) - Saltus Hungaricus - Dance Music From Hungary (18th Century) (LP)


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Additional information:

Sleeve Condition: Very Good (VG)
Media Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)
Catalog Number: SLPD 12445
Year: 1984
Title: Saltus Hungaricus - Dance Music From Hungary (18th Century)
Format Name: Vinyl
Label: Hungaroton Antiqua
Genre: Classical
Style: Baroque
Country: Hungary
Format Type: LP

SKU: 1047343549 Category: Classical


Track 1: Táncok A Barkóczy Kéziratból - Dances From The Barkózy Manuscript
Track 2: Nos 1, 2, 13-16, 18
Track 3: Három Saltus Hungaricus Az Apponyi Kéziratból - Three Saltus Hungarici From The Appony Manuscript
Track 4: 4. Hung. Fejedvar Tantz
Track 5: [Szám Nékül / Without Number]
Track 6: 19. Hung.
Track 7: Három Pesti Magyar Tánc - Three Dances From Pest
Track 8: Moderato Sempre (No. 1)
Track 9: Moderato Sempre In Dis-minore (No. 3)
Track 10: Valde Moderato - Coda Allegro (No. 39)
Track 11: Esztergomi Magyar Táncok - Dances From Esztergom
Track 12: Verbung
Track 13: Ungrischr 1-5.
Track 14: Négy Tánc Mártonfi István Kéziratából - Four Dances From The Mártonfi Manuscript
Track 15: Saltus Hungaricus
Track 16: Magyar Tántz (No. 1) - Adagio
Track 17: Saltus Hungaricus
Track 18: Hungaricus
Track 19: Kilenc Magyar Tánc Zenekarra Nagyszombati Kéziratokból - Nine Orchestral Dances From Nagyszombat Manuscripts
Track 20: Series II Nos. 15, 12, 15
Track 21: Series I Nos. 10, 12, 11
Track 22: Series I Nos. 2, 9, 8, 9, 7

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